Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a call out fee?

No fee. The price we offer is what you get paid.

Do you first look for a buyer for my car or buy directly from me?

We buy directly from you and you receive immediate payment.

How do I know you’ll give me a fair price?

We pride ourselves in the fact that most of the time we offer better prices than what clients are offered elsewhere. That’s why more than 35% of our deals are repeat business and why we buy around 800 cars per month!

How soon do I receive payment?

There is no delay in payment, unless you still need your car for a period in which case we arrange the deal to suit your needs.

How long does it take from completing the online application until I hear from you?

From 6.30am to 5.00pm you should have an e-mail response within 20 to 60minutes. After hours you can expect a response the following morning by 7.30am.

Do I need to do a roadworthy test?


What if I still owe money on my car?

No problem. We settle the finance and pay the balance to you.

What about the paperwork?

We handle all paperwork and change of ownership.

Do you only buy cars?

No, we also buy bakkies, busses, bikes, trailers, caravans, boats etc.

What’s the next step to sell my car to you?

Please complete our online application.

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